Conference Proceedings

Promoting research in sustainable forest management and environment-friendly processing and utilization of tropical forest products

8th Biennial Conference of the Forests and Forest Products Society

8th Biennial Conference of the Forests and Forest Products Society
Venue: Forest Research Institute of Nigeria (FRIN), Ibadan
Date: 14th - 20th August, 2022
THEME: Forestry and the Challenge of Insecurity, Climate Change and Covid-19 Pandemic in Nigeria Download Proceedings

  1. 8th Biennial Conference Proceedings: "Forestry and the Challenges of Insecurity, Climate Change and COVID-19 Pandemic in Nigeria". by: FFPS 2022
  2. Key note Address on "Forestry and the Challenges of Insecurity, Climate Change and COVID-19 Pandemic in Nigeria". by: P. F. Adeogun
  3. Sustainable Forest Management Strategies for Reversing the Rapid Transformation of Nigeria's Protected Areas into Actual Evil Forests. by: Iyiola Tella
  4. Perceived Impact of Deforestation on Rural Households’ Income: A Case Study of Yewa South Local Government Area of Ogun State. by: Oso, A.O, Faleyimu, O.I and Abdullahi, S. A.
  5. Sexual system polymorphism in forest trees: a latent tool for sustainable forest management in Nigeria. by: Lawal Amadu
  6. Species Diversity and Public Perceptions of Urban Trees in Ilorin Metropolis, Kwara State, Nigeria. by: Moshood, F.J., Muhali, M.O. and Ngwuli, C. P
  7. Effects of Banditry Activities on Forest Ecosystems and the Host Communities in North-East Guinea Savanna Ecological Zone of Sankera Axis, Benue State, Nigeria. by: Meer B. B., Japheth H. D. and Manyam H. I
  8. A Review on Sustaining Ecosystem Services in Evolving Urban Landscapes in Nigeria: Current Knowledge and Research Gaps. by: Adaeze, J.E.and Njobdi A. L
  9. Development and Sustainable Forest Management in Nigeria: Implication of Country’s Insecurity. by: Ojo, M. O and Asinwa, I. O
  10. Impact of Nature-Based Conservation Measures on Flora Diversity and Productivity in Tropical Rainforest Ecosystem of Nigeria. by: Onyekwelu, J.C., Lawal, A., Mosandl, R., and Stimm, B
  11. Need for Sustainable Landscape of Port Harcourt Metropolis. by: David-Sarogoro, N., Ojiemon, J. and Simbi-Wellington, S.
  12. The Prominence of Traditional and Religious Beliefs and Practices in Biodiversity Conservation. by: Manyam, H.I. and Japheth, H.D
  13. Physico-Chemical Properties oOf Soils Under Trees Species on Farmlands at Gafan, Bunkure L. G. A., Kano State, Nigeria. by: Adamu, U. A., Yahaya, U., Hussaini Y., Sirajo, A., Z. L. Ashigar, D. Idris, and A. A. Maigatari
  14. Increasing House-Hold Demand for Wood Fuel: A Great Threat to Sustainable Forestry Development in Nigeria. by: Oyewole, A. L., Gbadebo, O. V., Anifowose T. O. and Ofordu, C. S.
  15. Mitigating The Effects of Gold Mining on Forest–Based Rural Livelihoods in Birnin-Gwari Local Government Area, Kaduna State, Nigeria. by: Ogunkalu, O. A, Sulaiman, R.A, Adelani. D.O, Ogunsanwo. J.A, Odeyale.O.C.
  16. Dimorphic Traits of Female Garcinia Kola (Heckel) Tree: Case Study in The Rainforest-Mangrove Area of Onne River State. by: Okonkwo, H. O, Omokhua, G. E., and Chima, U. D.
  17. Soaking and Storage Duration Effect on Germination and Growth of Wild Soursop (Annona senegalensis Pers): Prospect for Conservation. by: Amadi, J. O., Alaje, V. I., Oyedeji O.F., Geply, O.A., Appah, O.R., and Alaje, M. A.
  18. Forestry-Based Solutions to The Challenges of Climate Insecurity and Health Hazards. by: Oluwalana, S. A.
  19. Contribution of Molecular Markers to Food Security: Introgression and pyramiding. by: Elizabeth Adetutu, Awosan, Abiodun E. Adekunle, Olubunmi O. Ayodele, Olorode E.M., Isola F.B, Oyediran R. Ifeoluwa, Ademola A. A
  20. Awareness and Perception of Climate Change Among Medical Students in the University College Hospital, Ibadan.. by: Kolapo M A, Akingbe C, Oluwadare A. O
  21. Climate Change and Insecurity in Nigeria: Forestry to The Rescue.. by: Asinwa, I. O., Kazeem-Ibrahim, F., Akintan, C. I., A. O, Akintan, A. O and Akomolede, L.A
  22. Security challenges: contribution of non-timber forest Products to rural livelihoods in Mokwa local government area, Niger state.. by: Fingesi, U.I., Ibrahim, A. O., Adeniji, O.A., Adeola, A.J. and Fajobi, E. A.
  23. A Review of Plant Migration Rates, Individualism, and Plant Community Consequences in Response to Climate Change. by: Njobdi A.L and Adaeze J.E
  24. Activities of Rural Women in Collection of Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFPS) in Alleviating Household Food Insecurity in Kaduna State. by: Olagunju O.E., Ariyo O. C., Alabi O.F, Olagunju O.S
  25. Comparative Evaluation of Nutritive Values of Four Fodder Plant Species in Umudike Abia State, South-Eastern Nigeria. by: Ngwuli C. P, Moshood F.J., Uwaga A. M. and Chukwuemeka O. D
  26. A Review on Enhanced Well-Being Derived from Forests. by: Owoeye E. A, and Gideon I. O
  27. Impact of Forest as Succor to Rural Dwellers During the COVID 19 Pandemic in Delta State Nigeria. by: Ohwo, O.A., Abioye R. O., Oluwadare, A. O. and Popoola, L
  28. Agroforestry: A Viable Option for Climate Change Mitigation and Sustainable Environment. by: Gbadebo O.V., Oyewole S.O., Iselobhor, F., and Anifowose, T.O
  29. Assessment of Socio-Economic Factors Influencing the Adoption of Agroforestry Practice as Adaptation Strategy to Climate Change Hazards in Sudan Savanna Agro-Ecological Zone of Kaduna State. by: Adedapo J.O., Ogunsanwo J.A, Okechalu S.O. and Ridwan H.A
  30. Medicinal Plants Conservation: A Strategic Method to Mitigate Climate Change. by: Lawal, Ibraheem O., Adam, Adenike A., Rafiu, Basirat O., Oni Oluwayemisi A; Babalola Oyinkansade A. and Majebi, Onuyi E
  31. Roles of Forest Biotechnology in Tree Improvement. by: Yahaya, U, Suleiman, R.A., Adamu, U.A., Adamu, I., Ibrahim Iro, I., and Odey, B
  32. Effect of Leaf Litters of Selected Nitrogen-Fixing Albizia Species on the Growth of African Star Apple (gambeya albida (g.don) aubrév. & pellegr.) Seedlings. by: Adelani, D. O, Suleiman, R.T., Oni, B.O., Ogunkalu, A.O., Ariyo, O.C., Mohammed, R., Ogunsanwo, J. A. and Ariyo, M.O
  33. Engaging Local Communities to Enhance Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation for Sustainable Development. by: Akinade O.H, Uthman K. T, Egbebi S. A, Olanrewaju A.A, Umeh T.C, Omotara S.M, Babalola Taofeek A, Aderibigbe A.A, Omotayo D. M, Adisa T.M, Olatunji M.O
  34. Ecotoxicology and its Effects on the Quality and Quantity of Forests and Forest Products. by: Ayeni, O.H., Emeghara, U.U., Mustafa, M.O., Olowoyo, F.B., Ayanniyi, O.A., Aremu, E.A
  35. Contribution of Agroforestry Practices to Rural Household Food Security Status in Chikun Local Government Area of Kaduna State. by: Olagunju, O.E., Ariyo, O. C., Olagunju, O.S., Alabi O.F
  36. Growth and Yield Responses of Pleurotus ostreatus (Jacq. Ex Fr. P.Kumm) Cultivated on Selected Wood Residues. by: Bamigboye, T. O., Olasupo, O. O., Odeyale, O. C and Adebisi, D. T
  37. Sustainable Contribution of Bee keeping to Climate Change Mitigation for Nature Conservation and Biodiversity Security: A Review. by: Yetunde O.B, Ifeanyichukwu L.S, Ibraheem O.L, Omolola A.A, Olabisi B.R, Samsideen O.R
  38. Sustainable Forest Management Practices: A Viable Panacea to the Challenges of Climate Change in v Nigeria. by: Gbadebo, O.V., Oyewole, A.L. and Adegbayi, O.R
  39. Tree Species Diversity and Carbon Sequestration Potentials of the Trees in the Three Ondo State Owned University Campuses, Southwest, Nigeria. by: Morenike O. OJO, Ezekiel AJAYI, and Ayorinde AJAYI
  40. Life-form Distribution and Stock Density of Plants of Food and Pharmaceutical in a Community – Protected Rainforest in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. by: Olajide, O and Etuk, I.M
  41. Compatibility Evaluation and Histological Observation of Graft Union Development in Fruit Species. by: Awosan E. Adetutu, Agbo-Adediran O.Adewale, Ayodele O.Olubunmi, Adekunle E.Abiodun, Ademola A. Adeola, Isola F. Bose, Asonibare A. Olusola
  42. Variation in Water Properties of Sachet Water Samples Produced in Ede, Osun State. by: Ogenma Ugushida, Edet-Utan Oluwakemi, Ekwonwa C. Esther, Kaka M. Oluwatosin, Ayodele O. Olubunmi, Oloyede E, Olayinka, Isola F. Bose, Adekunle E. Abiodun
  43. Lead Paper for them 3: Use of Digital Technologies in Forest Assessment in Era of Insecurity. by: Adewoye, A. R, Ukoha, P. A., Okonkwo, S.J
  44. Tree Growth Competition Indices for Biodiversity Conservation in IITA Forest Ibadan, Nigeria. by: Ige P.O and O.O, Komolafe
  45. Assessment of Trees Outside Forest (TOF) Benefits in Wamakko Local Government Area of Sokoto State, Nigeria. by: Abdullahi, S; A. A. Barau and A. I. Lawal
  46. Monitoring Termite’s Activities in Built-Up Environment Using Geographic Information System (GIS) Based Approach. (A Review). by: Adiji A.O; Owoyemi J.M. and Ajayi. B
  47. Adaptation of Geometric Functions for Calculating Tree Volume and Biomass in One Step. by: Egor B. Etigale
  48. Challenges and Prospects of Remote Sensing and GIS Technology for Forest Resources Management in Nigeria. by: Oke, O. S. and Akindele, S. O
  49. Non-Linear Models for Individual Tree Volume and Aboveground Biomass Estimation in Okpon River Forest Reserve, Cross River State, Nigeria. by: S. E. Bassey, S. Ajayi, V.A. J. Adekunle
  50. Accuracy Assessment of Two Mobile Applications Used for Tree Diameter and Height Measurements. by: S. O. Akindele
  51. Geospatial Modeling of Akure Forest Reserve in Ondo State, Nigeria. by: O. O. Komolafe and Daniel Abiodun Akintunde-Alo
  52. Tree Slenderness Coefficient and its Relationship to Diameter at Breast Height for Azadirachta indica Stand in Sayinna Community Plantation, Sokoto State, Nigeria. by: S.B. Shamaki and D.O. Oyelade
  53. Lead Paper for them 4: Sustainable Utilisation of Wood and Non-Wood Forest Products for Climate Change Mitigation. by: Ogunsanwo, O. Y and Adebayo, J.O
  54. Biological Conversion of Lignin for Chemical Production. by: Adeola, Awosan E. Adetutu, Isola F. Bose, Oydiran R. Ifeoluwa
  55. Antifungal Potentials of Stem Extracts of Euphorbia hirta Against White Rot Fungi in Ceiba pentandra Wood. by: Areo, O, S, Omole, A.O, Oyewumi, O.R,Olorunfemi. O, and Afolabi. S.O
  56. Prospect of Sawmill Wood Wastes Utilization as Household Energy Source in Ishiagu, Ivo Local Government Area of Ebonyi State. by: Alagbada O.R. and Omolewa J.O
  57. Breaking Seed coat Dormancy of terminalia mantaly h. Perrier seeds. by: Wakawa, L.D., Aminu, S.A., vi Umar, M. and Adaja, A.A
  58. Effect of Wood-Degrading Fungi on Mechanical Properties of Boscia angustifolia (A. Rich) Wood. by: Adebawo F.G., Ajala O. O., Adegoke O. A., Adekunle E. A., Appah O.R., Oriowo B. F
  59. Analysis of The Content of the Heartwood Extractives of Three Durable Nigerian Guninea Savannah Timbers. by: Nusirat Aderinsola Sadiku, Samuel Oluyinka Olaniran, Francis Akinyele Faruwa, Azeez Adebayo Uzamot
  60. Preliminary Evaluation of Combusted Forest Floor Litters from Achalla Forest Reserve and Influence of their Compost on Germination Potentials of Dacryodes Edulis H. J. Lam. by: Egwunatum, A.E., Emilimor, P.N. and Emma-Otum N.S
  61. Comparative Analysis of the Early Growth of Bombax Buonopozense (P. BEAUV.) and Ceiba Pentandra (LINN.) Gaertn, A Silk Producing Forest Trees in Nigerian Dry-Land. by: Salami, A.O. Gbadebo, J.O. and O.T. Babalola
  62. Influences of Seed Weights and Concentrations of Sulphuric Acid on the Germination of African Locust Bean (Parkia Biglobosa Jacq Benth) Seeds. by: Adelani, D.O, Ariyo, O.C, Suleiman, R, Ogunsanwo, J.A, Oladele, O.N, Oni, B.O
  63. Demographic Determinants of Edible Insect Consumption in Ido Local Government Area Oyo State. by: Rotowa, T.O, Oyewo, I.O, Adekunle, A. O, Adesope, A. A, Owoloja, A.O, Bobadoye, B.O
  64. Provenance Variations in Fruits and Seed Morphologies of Annona Muricata L. From Selected Ecological Zones in Southern Nigeria. by: Majolagbe M.O., Ogunwande O. A., Williams O. A., Ajongbolo F. B and Seweje T. P
  65. Achieving Sustainable Development Goals in Nigeria with Benefits from Insects. by: Ayandokun, A.E., Alamu, O. T., George-Onaho, J.A., and Ete, J.A
  66. Fuel Properties of Smokeless Briquette Made from Dead Leaves of Tectona Grandis (Linn.). by: Afolabi, S. O., Oluwadare, A. O., and Areo, O. S
  67. Potential of Bamboo in Restoration of Degraded Forestland in Nigeria: A Review. by: Akinyemi, O., Oyewole, S. O. Isola, B. F., David, E. O. and Oke R. A
  68. Assessment of Insect Pests Associated with Stored Shea Nuts and their Management Practices at Ifedapo Region in Oyo State, Nigeria. by: Ugwu, J.A., Kareem, K.T., Alabi, O.Y., Odeyemi, O.O
  69. Production and Formulation of Solid Wood Charcoal Lighter from Lignocellulosic Materials. by: Oyelere, A.T., Afolabi, S.O., Oluwadare A.O
  70. Value Chain of Rattan Species for Economic Diversification in Nigeria: A review. by: Oyewole, S.O., Akinyemi, O., Oke, R.A., Isola, B.F. and Oyewole, A.L
  71. Effects of Pretreatments and Growth-Media on Early Growth Performance of Uvariopis tripetala (Baker f.) G.E. Schatz. Seedlings. by: Jeminiwa, M.S., Jeminiwa, O.R., Olaoti-laaro, S.O., Woghiren, A.I., Aina-Oduntan, O.A., and Agbaje, A.M
  72. Sawdust: Sustainable Utility for Climate Change Mitigation, A Review. by: Okan-Akon, O.A., Olaoye, K.O., Okanlawon, F.B., Ibrahhim, A.O
  73. Factors Influencing Consumers Preference of Wood for Furniture in Jama’a Local Government Area, Kaduna State. by: Ogunkalu, O.A., Sulaiman, R.A., Akande, M.T., Ogunsanwo, J.A., Ada’aja, B.O
  74. Preliminary Study of Drying Characteristics of End-Coated Brachystegia eurycoma Boards Seasoned Under Air – and Solar Kiln Drying Environment. by: Amoo-Onidundun, O.N., Noah, A.S., Olajide, O.B., Oriire, L.T
  75. Lead Paper for them 5: Ecotourism and Wildlife Management Amidst Insecurity and Global Pandemic. by: Ogunjemite, Babafemi George
  76. Assessment of Wildlife Resources for Ecotourism Development in Two Zoological Gardens in Southwestern Nigeria. by: Ayanniyi, O.A., Mustafa,M.O.,Olowoyo,F.B.,Ayeni, O.H., amd Chiawa, O.C
  77. Survey of Wild Animal Species Hunted in Owotoro Community, Atisbo Local Government Area, Oyo State, Nigeria. by: Ajayi, S.R., Adeniji, O.A., Oyeleye, D.O., Ihidero, A.A., Ibrahim, O.A. and Ampitan, A.A
  78. Ecotourism and Wildlife Management Amidst Insecurity and Global Pandemic. by: Okeyoyin, A. O
  79. Associating Azadirachta indica A. Juss and Eucalyptus camaldulensis Dehnh Shelterbelt on the Growth Yardsticks, Microbial Population at Kiyawa, Dutse, Jigawa State. by: Salami K. D., Lawrence, R. O., Kankomi, D. O., Banjo T. A. and Adesanmi, V.S