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2021 Proceedings of the 7th Biennial Conference of the Forests & Forest Products Society

2021 Proceedings of the 7th Biennial Conference of the Forests & Forest Products Society
Venue: University of Uyo, Uyo, Nigeria.
Date: 26th - 30th April, 2021

  1. Effectiveness of Moringa oleifera Seeds Powder as a Natural Coagulant for Water Purification. by: Abdullahi, S. and Sulaiman, H.
  2. Marketing Analysis of Firewood and Charcoal as Energy Sources in Kano Metropolis. by: Abubakar, A., Umar, M., Inuwa, A., Garko, M. B. A., Dantani, A. Kwa, I. N. Gupa, M. A. and Tijjani, U. B.
  3. Significance of Jathropha Curcas Oil to Rural Poverty Alleviation in Nigeria. by: Adebisi, A. A., Geply, O. A. and Adeleke, T. O.
  4. Growth Performance and Nutrients Utilization of Clarias gariepinus Burchell, 1822 Fingerlings at Different Stocking Density in Concrete Tanks. by: Adekunle, J. O. and Omitoyin, B. O.
  5. Effect of Nutrient Sources and Light Intensities on the Seedling Vigour of African Star Apple (Chrysophyllum Albidum G.Don). by: Adelani, D. O. and Amos, S. O.
  6. Lesser Utilized "Wood" A Veritable Tools to Sustainable Forest Management in Nigeria. by: Adiji A. O, Ademola, A. A. and Owoyemi, J. M
  7. Bamboo as an Engineering material in a Green Economy. by: Aina, K.S., Adeniyi, I., Olayiwola, Y.B., Falemara, B.C., Ademola, A.A.
  8. Physical Properties of Some Wood Species of Niger Delta, Nigeria. by: Aleru, K. K., Owoyemi, J.M., Olufemi, B.
  9. Forested Landscape Dynamics in Saki-East Local Government Area of Oyo State, Nigeria. by: Alo, A. A and Onilude, Q. A
  10. Effects of Pre-Sowing Treatments on Germination of Dialium Guineense Wild. by: Anozie, E. L., Egwunatum A. E., Ndulue, N. B., Umeh, C. L. and Chine M.C
  11. Forest Biodiversity Conservation: A Panacea for Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation. by: Audu, M. A, Okumodi, B. O, Ogoliegbune, O. M and Showunmi, L. I
  12. Assessment of Khaya Senegalensis (Meliaceae, (DESV.) A. JUSS) Seed Extract on the Incidence and Population of Sylepta Derogata (F.) of Cotton in Zaria, Nigeria. by: Baba, G. O., Onu, I., Adamu, R. S., Utono, I. M., Olaifa, R. K. and David, B.
  13. Assessment of Above Ground Tree Biomass in Erukot Forest of Oban Division, Cross River National Park, Nigeria. by: Bassey, S. E. and Ajayi, S.
  14. An Overview of Sustainable Forest Management Through Effective Fire Management. by: Aminu Magaji Bichi
  15. Relationship Among Porosity, Angle of Repose and Bulk Density of Sawdust of Selected Wood Species. by: David-Sarogoro, N., Igbudu, R. and Emerhi, E. A.
  16. Assessment of Physical and Mechanical Properties of Three Hardwood Species from Timber Sheds in Makurdi, Benue State, Nigeria. by: Ekhuemelo, D. O., Tembe, E. T. and Aondoaver, M. T.
  17. Enhancing the Development of Indigenous Fruit Trees in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria Through Biotechnoloty Applications. by: ESIERE, N. E and AKPAN, M. P
  18. Ecotourism and Recreational Economics of Wildlife Resources. by: Ete, J. A ., Ayandokun, A. E., George-Onaho, J. A and Agboola, I. S.
  19. Development of Allometric Equations for estimating Frond Biomass of Nipa Palm (Nypafruticans Wurmb) in the Mangrove Forest of Cross River State, Nigeria. by: Etigale, E. B., Akindele S. O. and AdekunleV. A. J.
  20. Government's Responsibilities to Promote Private Investment in Forest Plantation Development in Nigeria. by: Fasoro, O. A.
  21. Floristic Dynamics of Woody Tree Species in Ora Community Forest, Kwara State, Nigeria. by: Ige, P. O. and Adekunle, V. A. J.
  22. Ecological Status of Kpashimi Forest Reserve in Niger State, Nigeria. by: Idris, A., Basiru, A. O., and Oladoye, A. O.
  23. Mushroom Cultivation: Panacea for Poverty Alleviation. by: Ete, J.A., Goerge-Onaho, J.A. and Agboola, I.S.
  24. Wood and Wood–Products Movements from and into Nigeria: The Need for Sustainability of Resource Base and Trade. by: Larinde, S. L. and Erakhrumen, A. A.
  25. Effect of Different Land-Use on Fodder Trees Composition in Dutse, Jigawa State, Nigeria. by: Lawal, A. A., Jibo A.U., Salami K. D., Saidu Mudassiru and Saleh Adamu
  26. Effect of Different Sowing Media and Light Intensity on the Growth of Iroko (Milicia excelsaWelw. C.C. Berg) Seedlings. by: Ojekunle, O. O., Aduradola, A. M., and Francis, I. G.
  27. Carbon Stock and Biomass of Pinus Carribaeaand Nauclea Diderrichii Plantations in Omo Forest Reserve, Ogun State, Nigeria. by: Oladoye, A. O., Basiru, A. O., Ojekunle, O. O. and Ojo, D. A.
  28. Stand Population Analysis and Regeneration Potentials of Tree Species in Fabaceae Family in Oban Forest Reserve, Cross River State, Nigeria. by: Olajide, O., Ananah A. A., Egor B. Etigale, E. B. and Out, D. O.
  29. The use of Non-Destructive Acoustic Method for Measuriing the Elasticity of Boscia Angustifolia Wood. by: Olaoye, K. O., Ariwoola, O. S., Adelusi, E. A. and Okanlawon, F. B.
  30. Successional Status, Regeneration and Recruitment Potential of Sacred Groves in South West Nigeria. by: Onyekwelu, J. C. Lawal, A., Mosandl, R. , Stimm, B. Agbo-Adediran, O.A. , and Agbelade, A. D.
  31. Concentration of Macro-Nutrients in Leaves of Some Agroforestry Tree Species in the Forest Arboretum of the Federal University Dutsin-Ma, Nigeria. by: Oyebamiji, N. A. and Adam, H. Y.
  32. Effects of Thermal and Non-Thermal Pasteurization on Self Life of Processed Tomatoes (Solanum lycopersicum). by: Oyewale, O. O., Lasisi, O. R. and Akinwale, G. T.
  33. Volume Estimation of Shelter Belt Stands in Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto, Nigeria with Three Analytical Formula. by: Shamaki, S. B. and Abubakar, A. B.
  34. The Role of Forest Resources in Poverty Alleviation Among Rural Households in Sudano-Sahelian Region of Nigeria. by: Shuaibu, R. B., Dishan, E. E and Yekini, N.
  35. Effects of Anthropogenic Activies on Sustainable Management of Forest and Forest Resources in Cross River National Park. by: Ugbe, J.A., Dawaki, S.A. and Japheth, H.D.
  36. Phytochemical Composition of Shea Butter's (Vitallariaparadoxa) Seed and Leaf Extracts. by: Zagga, A. I., Umar, A., Mukhtar, R. B., Garko, M. B. A. and Abubakar, A.
  37. Harnessing the Potentials of Sustainable Forest Management for Improved Rural Household Welfare in Nigeria. by: Adebayo, A.G.
  38. Botanical Insecticides: The Way to go for Sustainable Environmental Management. by: George-Onaho, J. A., Ete, J.A., Ayandokun, A.E. and Agboola, I.S.
  39. The Effects of Storage and Duration on Dormancy and Early Germination Period of Chrysophyllum albidum G. Don. Seeds. by: Bolanle-Ojo, O. T., Ogidan, O. A., Adesina O. J., Bolanle-Ojo, O. I., Iroko, O. A. and Ogunade, O. J.
  40. The Role, Challenges and Need for Non-Timber Forest Products Conservation in Rural Communities. by: Ndulue, N. B., Esiere, N. E., Omokhua, G. E. and Anozie, E. L.
  41. Waterway Transportation on Timber in Nwaniba Beach, Uruan Local Government Area, Akwa Ibom State. by: Okon, K. E., Udofia, S., Nwanjah, M. O., Daniel, K. S.
  42. The Role od Agroforestry in Climate Change Mitigation. by: Sangotoyinbo, O. A. Fadoyin, A. S. Omoghie, E. S. and Adebanjo, A. E.
  43. Assessment of Pre-Sowing Treatments on the Seed Germination of Adansoniadigitata Linn (BAOBAB) in the Savanah Region of Nigeria. by: Salami, K. D, Jibo, A. U, Lawal, A. A, Ahmad, U and Harisu, S.
  44. Abundance and Diversity of Durnal Insects in Rivers State University Forest Arboretum. by: Ukoima, H. N., Chukunda, F. A., Nimi, I. M &Amadi, N.
  45. Analyses of Socio-Economic Factors Influencing the Consumption of Fuelwood in Southern Kaduna, Nigeria.. by: Zira, B. D.